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Henkilökohtaiset tarvikkeet toiminnalliseen urheiluun - Tiedätkö mitä tarvitset?

Personal equipment in Crossfit - Do you know what gears you need?

CrossFit's intense and varied exercises demand a lot from the body. However, there is one thing that may be overlooked but can have a significant impact on your training results and your health: personal training equipment. After all, none of us wants to give a handicap to others because of the gears. So Gear-uP!

Every Crossfit fitness enthusiast should have at least these products in their bag.

  • Grips - First of all, these help you stay on the bar when your grip is running out, and they also protect the skin of your palms from wear and tear. So what are the best grips? There is certainly not one correct answer to the question, but the answer may very well be a matter of opinion. Grips are made from very different materials, such as synthetic material, leather, carbon fiber and many others. In addition, the thicknesses of the ropes vary and they can be used in different situations, such as rings or bars.
  • Skipping ropes - Speed ropes often used in Crossfit Jumping ropes enable a variety of training. With your own jump ropes, you ensure that you are ready for every workout with the right length of ropes. When choosing strings, you should consider a few things, such as the material and weight of the handles, the functionality of the bearings and the thickness of the string. Here again, you should test your own preferences and choose the products you like. Douple unders training with your own strings will also be possible at home in the future!
  • Thumb tape - As the weights increase, it is important to protect the skin with appropriate equipment, so that you can still train in the following days. The thumb tape also relieves the pressure on the thumb and enables a firm grip and grip on the bar. A good thumb tape also does not leave adhesive residue behind

In addition to these products, a Crossfit athlete's training bag also often includes: knee supports, wrist supports and a weight lifting belt.

This personal training equipment is not only for use by professionals, but is useful for all CrossFit enthusiasts, regardless of level. Using them can help you avoid injury and maintain your health, while supporting better performance and results in the gym.

When considering getting these tools, be sure to choose them according to your own needs. Different exercises and individual strengths can influence which training equipment is best for you. League Finland offers a comprehensive selection of different training equipment, which you can find just right for you.

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