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Information about us

League Finland Oy is a company founded by dedicated sports and wellness enthusiasts, which strives to offer its customers a comprehensive selection of high-quality and carefully selected sports-related products.

We are firmly committed to responsible business and want to fully support all the products and brands we offer. That's why we've invested significant time and effort in selecting the brands we represent, including SBD, Bear Komplex, Picsil and Victory Grips. In our selection you can also find sports clothes from the top brands Pipalüük and CAMA.

We understand that top-quality offerings are not always readily available, especially when our goal is to meet our strict quality standards. For this reason, we produce part of our selection ourselves in Finland. League brand products, such as the League weightlifting belt, League wrist supports, training backpack and belt bag, are designed and manufactured with uncompromising quality. The product family is constantly growing, so stay tuned for new releases!

We at League Finland Oy don't want to just hide behind our website. We are here for our customers and available for all matters concerning our company, our online store and our operations. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are ready to help!


Voit olla yhteydessä joko sivustomme chatin kautta tai sähköpostitse osoitteeseen info@league.fi